Horrible/Adorable is a "Creamsoda Dreamsicle Poprockz" duo from Oakland, CA who likes to rock out and sparkle. Here's their story...

Once upon a time, Candice and Kiki met at a bbq in West Oakland. With an instant spark (well, a sparkle, really!), they became fast friends. They talked all evening about how they would form a band called 'Horrible/Adorable.' Candice, a new drummer, was a big ball of energy. Kiki, shy as a mouse, had never sang in front of anyone. Horrible/Adorable had their first practice four years ago and have been best band mates/friends ever since. Their songs range in subject matter from friendship and underage love to vacuum cleaners and sparkly pink bowling balls. Their EPs, 'Amy Understands' and 'Looking' Healthy!', topped the local charts as they continue to play shows all over Oakland and San Francisco. Their newest release, 'Caprice!' is now available on Hover Craft records!


Here's what people have to say:


"...rock out with malted milkshake harmonies and uncompromising, teeth gritting guitar riffs." - Cinema Spartan

"...punchy, upbeat pop songs that wear its love for the ’90s on its sequin-lined sleeve." - SF Weekly

"...good for melting creamsicles and cooling down tall-boys" - East Bay Express